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Call for Speakers: The Qualitative eXchange
18 October 2021 /
  • Deadline for your submission - 18 October
  • The Qualitative eXchange - 14 December 

Following a series of Community Circles with our Qualitative members this Summer together with our UX, CX, trend-watching and design thinking friends, ESOMAR would now like to turn up the heat this Winter by hosting a special collaborative day on 14 December to celebrate the business value of emotional intelligence.  

The qualitative eXchange brings a multi-disciplinary community together to cross pollinate knowledge and ideas. Here you can bust some of the myths about your profession, celebrate the value of what you do with examples and identify some of the opportunities you have together!

We are currently inviting you to get involved and share your edgiest thinking by 18 October! #nopressure 

Some of the topics that our members thought would be cool to discuss include:

  • The new role of Qualitative....
    • how online methods are bridging the digital-physical divide’
    • in bridging the gap between data and real life
    • in connecting trend watching with user-centerd innovation
  • More Human: Qualitative making digital interactions more human in research and in brand communications. 
  • Crazy Talk: “I did this crazy thing and it worked ....…”
  • Data didn’t help!” … without Qual.
    • Do you have a success story where data on its own had shown no actionable insights and Qual provided the vital sensemaking?
    • Share with us how the incorporation of thick data helped you to connect the dots.
  • Mythbusters: Can you bust a few myths about what you do as a [insert job title*]?
  • Connecting Specialisms & Transferable Skillsets:
    • What collaborative work have you done with other ‘parallel’ disciplines’ such as UX that has created better understanding and impact?
    • Can you share practical examples of skills that you see applied across other disciplines
  • The Learning Lab: What can you teach someone in 10 minutes?

Submit your proposal

With Special Thanks to the Content Advisory Board:

  • Arindam Mohanty, Research Manager, KANTAR, UAE and ESOMAR member
  • Christoph Welter, Managing Director, Point Blank, Germany and ESOMAR Representative for Germany
  • Mina Sfondilis, Director - SCPI Front End Research Team, PepsiCo, USA and ESOMAR member
  • Tom de Ruyck, Managing Partner, InSites Consulting, Belgium and ESOMAR Council member

Note that if you prefer to write an article on the topic, we offer opportunities to publish content on our media platform Research World. Please reach out today to the Research World Editorial Team to explore options to publish your content.