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Social Listening for Insights
Understanding the meaning in social data


This masterclass is available now on-demand for you to watch any time you like from wherever you like!

Per student fee includes 3 classes (120-minutes each), demonstrations, PDF slide deck, interactions with various content on the viewing platform, on-demand access for over a year.

Each attendee will also receive an ESOMAR attendance certificate after completing the training.


Put simply, social data is an evolution in market research. It's a genuinely new, less biased and more natural source of data about the human experience.

For most, social data means Social Listening, but this isn't the only way. Traditional research has its quant and qual. So does Social Media Research.

This session will show you what Listening consists of. It will introduce you to the benefits of social qual, the practice, and how to get started.

What are the objectives / What's in it for me?

  • Learn about a new market research methodology and how to get started.
  • Unlock the potential of social data as a different way of understanding the human experience.
  • Solve the frustrations of social listening.
  • Become a smarter buyer or manager of social data projects.

Who should attend?

This will benefit practioners in organisations and their agencies.

Level of learning?

Are you curious about how social media data can help your organisation make better decisions? Then this is for you, regardless of prior experience!

More info

If you'd like to find out more about us and our approach to making the most of social data - see this article about the difference between the Speed Skater and the Free Diver.

Programme outline

Part 1: Setting the Stage - the business case for social qual

This session will invite participants to go on a journey into the more qualitative side of social data.

What's the point? We want to help you find the human side of social.

  • What can this do for you? What's the value and how can you apply it to help make better business decisions?
  • Myth busting: what's the difference between social insight and social listening?
  • How to frame a social qual project: What business cases is it good for, what can't it do?
  • How does this fit into your research toolkit? How can it enhance more traditional techniques and methods?

Part 2: A mini-masterclass: Tools, tips and techniques to set you on the path

  • Behind the scence of social listening: understanding the world of social networks and social data.
  • Social fieldwork: how to get the richest possible data.
  • Finding structure in chaos: understanding what people mean in the things they create and share on social.
  • Telling the story: how to embed social insights with your organisation.

Part 3: What next?

  • How to brief, buy and work with social insight agencies.
  • What to look out for: learning from the pitfalls, frustrations and limitations.
  • You are not alone: where to go for additional resources and community support.

Workshop leader

Jeremy Hollow

Jeremy Hollow

Founder + MD
Listen + Learn Research

Jeremy Hollow - Founder of his company. Listen + Learn started with a simple goal - to help brands connect with people.

He does this by making social data simple. Simple for brands to know what's meaningful, to find new insights, to see opportunities and to spark inspiration.

He works with brands to help them find and understand the people that matter to them. So that they can then create the right experiences, engage new audiences and appeal to people in the right way.

His plan? Simple, it's to help brands become something people actually want to be part of.