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Building an Insights Engine in an Evolving Digital World


This masterclass is available now on-demand for you to watch any time you like from wherever you like!

Per student fee includes 2 classes (120-minutes each), demonstrations, PDF slide deck, interactions with various content on the viewing platform, on-demand access for over a year.

Each attendee will also receive an ESOMAR attendance certificate after completing the training.


It's well known that advances in technology are generating more data than organisations have the ability to utilise and it's recognised that the opportunity and growth potential that leveraging digital analytics can provide, is immense.

There is a lot of pressure on the Insights team to support, advise and facilitate decisions in this dynamic, digital environment but this is not always easy, given the pace of change, new technological developments and the different stakeholders managing the data. This demands new competencies, ways of working and partnerships beyond the classic agency partnership models.

By joining this masterclass, you will learn through diverse case studies the latest tools, technologies and trends that enable you to modernise and fuel the Insights Engine within your organisation.

At the end of the day, the successful brands of tomorrow will be those that are best prepared to capitalize on changes and trends in digital world.

What are the objectives / What's in it for me?

After completing this training, you should be able to:

  • Discover how companies are leveraging new technologies such as Machine Learning, IoT, chatbots
  • Defining your insights goals for supporting digital strategy
  • Connecting the data | Insight stakeholder management
  • Understand the tools and resources to manage and report diverse / new data
  • Learn how to implement agility/dexterity within the agency - client ecosystem

Who should attend?

For insight professionals seeking to lead transformation in a digital world.
The masterclass will be of particular interest to a wide range of marketing, communications, research professionals and managers in firms, business, organisations and institutions of all sizes and in all business sectors, including:

  • Insights Leaders,
  • Research & Analytics Agencies,
  • Marketing/ Brand Managers,
  • Business Development Managers,
  • Business Owners and more.

Agenda in short

Session 1 - Monday 29 June 16.00 CEST

  • Discover how companies are leveraging new technologies such as Machine Learning, IoT, chatbots
  • Changing role and expectations of Insights functions in digital world

Session 2 - Tuesday 30 June, 16.00 CEST

  • Defining your insights goals for supporting digital strategy
  • How to implement agility/dexterity within the partner - client ecosystem

Workshop leader

Madhumita Chakraborty

Madhumita Chakraborty

Hewlet Packard

Madhumita is a seasoned Insights professional with experience in Strategy and Insights, Project Management, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Business Development , Team Management and Training across CPG (Pepsi) , Market Research (Nielsen) and Advisory Services (CEB).

Madhumita was also ESOMAR India Representative for many years and a regular speaker at conferences across the globe.