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Evolution of the Data, Analytics and Insights Industry, a forecast into 2023

Size, trends and forecasts of the industry, its main players, with commentary from the industry's leaders
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What will I discover in this report?

  • Historical and 3-year projections for industry turnover
  • Segmentation of the insights' industry with a particular focus on the tech-enabled sector
  • Global analysis of the industry's turnover
  • Top-10 largest companies for each segment – detailed data for the top-5
  • Expert opinions on the current and future state of the industry from cross-functional leaders and investment companies
  • A holistic view of the industry to help decision-makers stay ahead of the curve


Defining and sizing the insights industry has become a moving target as the impact of current evolutionary trends permanently alters its players and scope. This unique report tracks the fundamental shifts that are occurring as data more broadly infiltrates organizations and tech-driven tools and solutions expand their contributions to overall industry performance.

The Evolution of the Data, Analytics and Insights Industry report offers a unique look into the past and future of the profession, quantifies the size of the industry and its subsegments and offers a projected growth path for the next 3 years. It is the most comprehensive tool to aid decision making and forge the strategy of companies, shareholders and investors for the foreseeable future. The data presented herein is further enhanced with interviews to senior professionals from the main companies from each segment as well as investment companies to bring valuable nuance to the ever-changing picture of the industry.

This report identifies three main impacts that will help define the insights revolution.

  • Established research companies need to embrace technology, refine their focus, and accelerate transformation to stay relevant
  • Technology, especially ResearchTech (ResTech) is pushing the industry to change both from the back, with the long tail of new players and the front, with industry giants like Qualtrics
  • The opportunity for technology-driven change and recurring revenue models continues to make the industry attractive to outside investors

Together these forces will impact the way the insights industry is defined and operated.


Table of contents:

1. Global Overview 

2. Established Market Research 
           Interview with Potloc 

3. Digital Data Analytics (MarTech) 
           Exclusive interview with PE company Verdane 

4. Enterprise Feedback Systems 
           Interview with Forsta 

5. Self-service Research Platforms 
           Interview with Toluna 
           Perspectives by Cambri, happydemics 

6. Social Listening and Communities 
           Investor insight: OpenOcean 

7. Sample Panel Providers 
           Interview with InnovateMR 

8. Consulting Firms 
           Interview with McKinsey & Co. 

9. Industry Reports 

Notes and acknowledgements 



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