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Users & Buyers Global Insights Study 2021

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The views of 802 users and buyers of insights and research, from 61 countries, fieldwork April/May 2021. In 2020, ESOMAR partnered by NewMR and Confirmit, and supported by a wide range of national associations – instituted a survey to benchmark the views, opinions and practices of users and buyers of insights and research. This report presents the findings from the second instalment, the fieldwork for which was conducted in May 2021. The original founding partnership was extended to include the support of InfoTools, and we were delighted that the collabora- tive list of national partners was extended to include: ABEP (Brazil), AEDEMO (Spain), AIM (Chile), AIMRO (Ireland), ARF (USA), ASSIRM (Italy), CEIM (Argentina), CEISMU(Uruguay), Confirmit, CRIC (Canada), CUBE (Belgium), ESOMAR, GreenBook, Infotools, Insight Management Academy (UK), Insights Association (USA), JMRA (Japan), NewMR, MOA (Netherlands), MRWeb, OFBOR (Poland), Potentiate, PTBRiO (Poland), PUMa (Germany), QRCA (USA), Quirks (USA), RANZ (New Zealand), SAIMO (Argentina), SORMA (Romania), The Research Society (Australia).

Ray Poynter
Economic Trends
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