ESOMAR Data Protection Checklist

This practical ESOMAR Data Protection Checklist translates data privacy regulations into everyday terms used by market, social and opinion researchers to guide you on your responsibilities within a global data protection framework and help you identify if there are gaps in your company's privacy protections.

It is built around the OECD international privacy principles, covering:

  • Minimum impact
  • Notice and consent
  • Integrity and security
  • Transfer of data
  • Privacy policy
  • Special issues including collecting data from children, business-to-business, photographs, audio and video recordings, cloud storage and anonymisation.

Available languages

Project team

David Stark (Co-Chair)

Vice President Integrity, Compliance and Privacy, GfK

Reg Baker (Co-Chair)

Consultant to the ESOMAR Professional Standards Committee and Marketing Research Institute International

Ashlin Quirk

General Counsel, SSI

Barry Ryan

Director - Policy Unit, MRS

Debrah Harding

Managing Director, MRS

Jayne Van Souwe

Principal, Wallis Consulting Group

Kathy Joe

Director of International Standards and Public Affairs, ESOMAR

Stephen Jenke

Independent Management and Research Consultant

Wander Meijer

Global COO, MRops