ESOMAR & GRBN Guideline on Research and Data Analytics with Children, Young People, and Other Vulnerable Individuals

This new Guideline on Research and Data Analytics with Children, Young People and other Vulnerable Individuals includes global policies for the latest research techniques. Working with children and vulnerable individuals demands a specific approach and extra care by research professionals so parents and guardians can feel confident when their child participates in research or when their data is being used for research.

This guideline recognizes that the age of child varies from one country to another and that local culture dictates who can give consent for studies involving children. It highlights the need to treat children, their parents, and vulnerable individuals with due respect and consideration.

The guideline includes:

  • How to get appropriate consent in online surveys.
  • What parents and guardians need to know before their child participates in the study.
  • Measures to take when children are doing product testing.
  • What researchers should do when working with children’s data on social media, with photos or audio/video recordings of children.

Key requirements for researching children