ESOMAR/GRBN Guideline on Online Sample Quality

This ESOMAR/GRBN Guideline on Online Sample Quality will help researchers and clients understand how the changing features of online sampling, from online panels to routers to exchanges, and emerging quality assurance practice can improve data quality.

It sets out best practice in:

  • Research participant validation to ensure the respondent falls within the description of the research sample.
  • Survey fraud prevention to ensure the same person doesn’t try to receive more incentives by completing a survey more than once.
  • Survey engagement to ensure that the respondent is paying sufficient attention.
  • Category and other types of exclusions to ensure the sample does not include respondents who might bias the results.
  • Sampling (including sample selection, sample blending, weighting, survey routers, profiling and screening) to provide transparency.

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Reg Baker (Co-Chair)

Market Strategies International

Peter Milla (Co-Chair)

Peter Milla Consulting

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Survey Sampling International

Mike Cooke

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